We welcome you to our website. This site provides detailed information about our carriages. You will also be able to consult some data concerning our organisation and its vision of the future. Our contact details are of course available too. We hope that this website may give you a good account of our organisation and our products.

We vouch for quality carts, suitable for both horses and ponies, which are designed and manufactured in our own workshop and tailored to the customerís wishes.

Aluminium Carriage (Carriage Construction Aluminium Carriage) was established more than 10 years ago and has been taken over in 2008 by Gerard Baggermans of BTM. The familiar name Aluminium Carriage remains connected to the carriages just as the support provided by Peter de Laat himself. He will pass on his knowledge and continue to think along with us about further improvements that could be applied to the carriages.

Many enhancements have been developed and implemented in the past period.

The suspension system that has earned us our reputation has been further enhanced.

Semi-autonomous but once again, under the cart, axles suspended in full rubber coating with shock absorbers. This rubber prevents vibrations originating from the wheel to be transmitted to the frame (upon which the driver is seated).

It makes the driver feel even more comfortable. Using the brakes does not affect the suspension. Because of this the cart stays well-balanced (no rattling caused by the axles).

By using an aluminium frame and this suspension system we have furthermore managed to reduce the weight of our carts.

Gerard Baggermans